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This Holiday Season: Buy One Get One Free of the Big Talk Question Card Game

This Thanksgiving and Holiday Season, give an extra deck of the Big Talk Question Card Game to someone you are thankful for! Or save it as a Winter gift or Christmas stocking stuffer.

Here are some ideas for how to use Big Talk this holiday season:

  • Conversation Openers for Holiday Dinners
  • Icebreakers for Group Gatherings
  • Traveling / in the Car on Road Trips or Camping
  • Catching up over Coffee or at the Bar with Old Friends
  • Date Nights
  • Self-Reflection Journal Prompts
  • With Coworkers or Classmates to open up a Class, Meeting, Conference, Staff Retreat, or Social Event.

Just use the code THANKFUL at checkout on the big talk shop: www.bigtalkshop.com.

The BOGO discount also applies to the original Big Talk Question Card Game. Happy Holidays!

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