Make Big Talk

The Big Talk Card Game

The Big Talk Question Card Game helps facilitate in-depth conversations with friends, family, coworkers, and strangers. Each question in the deck is universal (any human being could answer it), open-ended (elicits more than just a yes/no response), and meaningful (skips the small talk and draws forth a life story). See how Big Talk has been making an impact worldwide.

“Game-changing game”

“Prompt great conversation and new insights”

“Used this in my classroom and my students loved it.”

“Perfect for a gift, new relationship, family vacations and more.”

“Simply amazing. I love these so much. Something so simple added so much meaning to our lives.”

“I used my Big Talk cards at Thanksgiving dinner as a game and we had more than food—we had nourishment for the soul.”

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Big Talk For Business

Big Talk For Internal Use

According to a Google study, the qualities that contribute most to successful teams, are trust and psychological safety. To achieve this, people should communicate effectively, practice active listening, express empathy, and demonstrate authenticity. Making Big Talk at work can build trust and allow teammates to feel valued by celebrating diversity, emphasizing the importance accepting differences.

Suggested ways to implement Big Talk in your workplace

If your goal is to get to know teammates better:

  • Host a Big Talk employee onboarding activity, team bonding session, or team retreat exercise. These activities facilitate relationships with people who are new to the organization and/or have been working together for years, yet have superficial relationships with one another.
  • Ask Big Talk questions in your interview hiring process to better know the values and beliefs of potential new hires.

If your goal is to make leadership more approachable:

  • Conduct Big Talk interviews with company leadership and share with the firm.

If your goal is to help employees get to know each other better and build connections:

  • Publish Big Talk newsletters highlighting practitioners at the firm.
  • Post Big Talk questions on whiteboards throughout the office and allow people to write their answers.
  • Host a firm-wide Big Talk event.

Big Talk For External Use

While impressive deliverables, top talent, and quality service are important, running a successful business and retaining clientele beyond the current engagement are heavily influenced by the relationships formed with clients and customers. Shaping and navigating these relationships can be difficult and time consuming. In using Big Talk concepts, business relationships can be enhanced.

Big Talk for Business is an excellent tool if your goal is to:

  • Build trust and rapport
  • Identify common interests and long term goals
  • Personalize interactions
  • Promote open lines of communication
  • Establish an inclusive culture and reputation for your firm.

Use Big Talk as an icebreaker activity at project kick-off and conferences, and to facilitate meaningful conversation at the beginning or end of client meetings, meals, or workshops.

Big Talk at Networking Events and Conferences

Help people move beyond the classic, repetitive networking small talk questions like “What do you do?” “Where are you from?” “What is your job title?” to make substantial and lasting connections. Host Big Talk networking sessions to enable attendees to establish common interests, identify qualities that make people successful at their jobs, and highlight the traits, quirks, talents, or passions that a unique person brings to their job, thus resulting in more memorable interactions.

Past Examples
  • Big Talk at Adobe Women in Tech Mixer (200 attendees)
  • Big Talk at Elite SEM Conference (200 attendees)

If you are interested in learning how to make Big Talk at your office, hosting a Big Talk event, or if you have another idea for a partnership, please contact us.

Big Talk For Your University

Big Talk Program for Students

College can be lonely and confusing for students as they build new identities. It is a critical period of self-reflection and friendship-making. So, help students skip the usual small talk of ‘What’s your major?’ and ‘Where are you from?’ to get to know each other in more meaningful ways, resulting in lasting friendships and valuable connections. By participating in “Making Big Talk” at new student orientation programs, students will feel less isolated, and more connected with each other and the school. Here’s how:


Host a Big Talk program at your university. Communications and Marketing Department: Develop a Big Talk video series highlighting administrators, professors, coaches, students, and staff so current and prospective students can learn about each other and the school.


Become a Big Talk ambassador at your university. Sign up, receive a turnkey kit, and become a leader at your school to help classmates feel more connected to each other.


Conduct a Big Talk session during the first week of classes to establish trust, understanding, and rapport amongst classmates. Establishing this culture in your classroom will make students feel more comfortable to ask and answer questions, and share ideas and perspectives.

Sports teams and campus groups/clubs/organizations

Overall performance is enhanced when teams support one another. Conduct Big Talk sessions with your team or group to build more authentic relationships.

Speaking & Workshops

Kalina delivers lectures and workshops all around to world to share her story of starting Big Talk and recommending ways of achieving personal connections.

Interested in bringing Big Talk to your school or university? Please contact us and we can help set it up.

More Ways To Big Talk

There are many different ways to get involved with Big Talk

Big Talk with Yourself

Big Talk can serve as a powerful self-reflection activity. By answering questions such as, “Where do you find peace?” “What gives you hope?” “What makes you feel most alive?” You will feel more connected to your sense of identity and life purpose. Big Talk guided journal coming soon!