Skip the small talk, make meaningful connections.

Big Talk is a communication approach that facilitates more meaningful life connections—with friends, family, coworkers, teammates, classmates, strangers, and even oneself—through the process of skipping the small talk to ask more open-ended and thought-provoking questions. Big Talk elicits responses that help people build empathetic relationships and share life stories. Big Talk is a video series, a card game, an educational and business tool, a TEDx talk with 6.5 million views, a government-funded international Fulbright research project, and a powerful platform that encourages people to share their most profound thoughts, feelings, and life stories—making their voices heard.

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What have you witnessed that has strengthened your faith in humanity?

How do you show love?

What should people do more of?

What do you spend too much time doing?

If you could create and run your own country, what would it be like?

What do you wish you knew?

What is your next great adventure?

What was your childhood dream? Has it changed?

If you could freeze time, what would you do?

What do you spend too much time doing?

The Big Talk Story

Watch the viral video that started the Big Talk movement.

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How To Make Big Talk

Join the Movement! Here are some ways to make Big Talk.

What People Say


Big Talk for Adobe Women’s Event

“This was the best 'networking' event I have attended. Adobe's very first Women-In-Tech neighborhood mixer was exactly what I needed to recharge. If you haven't heard Kalina's story I'd encourage you to watch this video she created. It prompted wonderful conversation with a room full of 200+ women from 40 companies. It made it easy to get past the standard where do you work and where are you from conversations and help guide more insightful and meaningful conversations with total strangers.”

Erica Hennes, VP of Marketing at Urban Sitter


Edovo Jail Education Solutions - Inmates make Big Talk in a Tablet Course

"Kalina helped us bring Big Talk to Edovo and it quickly became one of the most popular options on the platform. A prison or jail isn’t always the most inviting space for a person’s deepest thoughts. With Big Talk, users have a private space for self-reflection and tools to build relationships and foster empathy. When students started the courses, we were blown away by their answers! Some told stories about fear and difficulties of adjusting to prison and the powerful lessons they’ve learned. In a recent survey, students were eager for even more Big Talk materials. One message read, “Can you upload a second course this week? I’d like to finish it before I go home.'"

Edovo Jail Education Solutions


Big Talk Inspired Marriage Proposal

“We began writing each other Big Talk letters and continued throughout the last year over our long- distance relationship. We are continuing it now as I am currently three months into a 7-month deployment to the Middle East with my B-52 bomb squadron. At the moment, we have answered 36 of your questions in letters to each other. I was hoping you could make a Big Talk card that looks the same as all the others on the front and on the back says simply, ‘Will you marry me?’ Thanks Again, Capt Joe” (Update: She said yes!)

Captain Joe


Big Talk inspires university students to explore answers to deep and meaningful questions

"Big Talk inspires university students to explore answers to deep and meaningful questions and to gain confidence sharing profound ideas with others. The program enhances students' ability to engage in a genuine exchange and development of insights and new perspectives with their peers. Big Talk generates an appreciation for the role deep communication plays in leading a rich and fulfilling university and professional career."

Greg Dunn, Dean of Narxoz Business School in Almaty, Kazakhstan


Lorde makes Big Talk

Superstar Lorde joins the Big Talk movement. By skipping the small talk, she gave meaningful answers to questions like, "If you had 24 hours left to live, who would you be with in 23 hours?"

Lorde, Musician

Health Care

Big Talk is good therapy for patients

“My name is Julie. I am an RN and this year I am celebrating 30 years as a Registered Nurse. I saw your Big Talk video and was totally amazed. I am so excited and impressed by this, it is going to change the world. Believe me, as a nurse I see so many people in pain. Physical and emotional. And they don’t want to have small talk. They want to talk about what really matters and they want someone to listen.”

Julie, Registered Nurse

Mental Health

Autism and Aspergers Support

"I'm autistic & I can't fathom the reason for small talk. I Big Talk but I can be careless if I'm not very careful. An issue that has been left dangling by both our family counselor and my therapist. I have an extreme aversion to groups. It is a bit of a miracle that I found information on the issues I deal with from a credible source. Your website is a safe place. I can't wait to show my wife your site. She's my Small Talk coach :). Thanks for the guidance."

Alan, Diagnosed with Autism


Keith Urban skips the small talk

What does Keith Urban do when nobody is watching? Watch him play the Big Talk Question Card Game here: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=iwq3X0W_FpI

Keith Urban, Country Music Superstar


Basketball Team makes Big Talk

"My name is Coby Karl, I am currently the head coach of the LA Lakers G League Team, the South Bay lakers. After watching your ted talk and first video, I bought the Big Talk Cards. I am emailing you today, because today was the first time that I had the courage as a young head coach, to bring them out with my team (a bunch of young talented men) on our bus ride to the arena, and it went great. The game itself has brought us all closer as people and teammates. We have guys requesting to play it now, when we have extended bus rides on the road. I love your courage to take that step and understand the fear that we walk around with everyday to not take that step towards people. Thank you Be well, Coby"

Coach Coby Karl, LA Lakers G team


U.S. Senator's Office makes Big Talk

"I wanted to circle back and let you know that our breakout session using Big Talk was beyond amazing. Both the Senator and new members of our team talked about how enlightening and enjoyable the experience was. We also came up with our own Big Talk questions, which the group asked the Senator to answer and he came up with a couple that he asked of the group. We were so caught up in the experience that we went over our time limit, but it was well worth it."

Senator's Office Staff


Harvard Medical School makes Big Talk for Orientation

"Big Talk helped a LOT to break down potential barriers and make us all feel a lot more comfortable. The breakout group strategy was helpful in that it gave each of us a lot of choice about what we wanted to share with the group and how vulnerable we wanted to be, which worked out beautifully as people really started to open up over the course of the discussion, providing a great foundation for subsequent reflective sessions in our first week."

Harvard Medical School Student

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