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Questions to Ask Yourself to Help you through Career Transitions

Are you or someone you care about considering making a career change? Here are some Big Talk Questions you can ask yourself and others that can help guide you through different transitions:

Career Switch

  1. What is something you always wanted to try professionally or learn more about but didn’t have time to explore?
  2. What is your “dream job?” What is standing in between you and your dream job? What steps can you take to get closer to that dream?
  3. Who has helped you in the past? How can you thank them and reach out to them for additional guidance?

Taking Time Off

  1. Who can you reach out to right now for support and company?
  2. What activities make you feel fulfilled or unfulfilled?
  3. What is a perfect day for you? What can you do in your life to have more perfect days?

Entrepreneurship / Passion Project

  1. What would you do if you weren’t afraid?
  2. What new beginning or life change do you need to make to get closer to that dream?
  3. What one move can you make today or this week to get started?

For inspiration, check out this Big Talk video from many years back about following your childhood dreams. 🙂


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