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How to Give a Good Compliment

A sincere, thoughtful, and kind compliment can be magical. It has the power to change someone’s day, making them feel happier and more appreciated. There’s nothing wrong with a small talk compliment such as complimenting someone’s physical appearance… However, try thinking of a compliment as a way to dive deeper. Give a Big Talk compliment instead – and offer up a chance to make a more meaningful connection.

“Compliments can be a useful tool to nurture and enhance relationships,” says psychotherapist Lindsay Liben, LCSW. “Ultimately it contributes to deeper, more intimate connection.”

Be Specific

Instead of saying “Thanks for hosting a great night,” say “I appreciate how you made sure to make everyone feel welcome by introducing us one by one. Also, I could really taste the time and care you put into your family’s recipe!” Consider asking a follow-up question as well such as “What inspired you to create such a magical evening?”

Use Adjectives

Instead of just saying “I like your shirt,” you could say “Your yellow shirt combined with your sunny smile brightened up my morning!” Adjectives create more memorable compliments. (Psychotherapist Lindsay Liben, LCSW)

Write it Down

Sometimes, a handwritten note can be the best way to give a compliment. It allows you more time and thought to express how you deeply feel towards someone.

Compliment Strangers

Although it may seem awkward at first, complimenting a stranger can feel especially sincere to them, putting positive energy out, and leading to new relationships. It can make someone’s day and also make you feel better too! Next time you notice something you appreciate in someone, instead of hesitating, just compliment them!

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