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How to be more Approachable

Try these simple ways to become more approachable and invite in more opportunities for Big Talk!

Smile and make eye contact

Look people directly in the eye with a sincere smile, and you will be surprised by what kinds of conversations and interactions your warmth will invite!

Ask their name, then repeat it

When you meet someone new, immediately ask their name. Then repeat it back to them and introduce yourself. People love to hear the sound of their name and it helps them to feel seen and heard.

Stop rushing around

If you look busy or in a rush, nobody will have time to stop and talk to you. Stop living your life as if it is a constant emergency… Instead, slow down and notice the people in the world around you. The person you usually rush past on your way to work could end up becoming a close neighbor and friend.

Go to places where people are happy

You’re more likely to meet people in places where people go to enjoy leisure time. That includes parks, beaches, live concerts, meetups, and classes. Happy people are more open to approaching each other because they have already set their egos and worries aside.

Do things someone can ask you about

If you’re engaged in an activity, it makes it easier for someone to ask you a question about it. For example, you could be walking your dog, reading a new book, painting or playing music in the park, or trying out a new gadget or piece of athletic equipment. Doing something interesting yourself will naturally spark the curiosity of others and invite engagement.

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