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6 Ways You Can Bring Big Talk into Your Life

After a year of limited socializing, you are feeling ready to skip the small talk and reconnect with people.

Maybe you have an upcoming work function or family gathering, and you want to make sure it is a meaningful experience. Perhaps you just got your own pack of Big Talk cards delivered and are excited to try them out…So now what? Unlike other card games, apps, and communication tools, Big Talk doesn’t come with a lengthy rule book—or any set rules, for that matter. You won’t find yourself reading instructions aloud, hoping everyone is following along. Using Big Talk is as simple as asking a meaningful question. To help you find the best way to bring Big Talk into your life, here are 6 favorite suggestions:


1. With YourselfStart Your Day by Reflecting on a Big Talk Question

Odds are you’ve heard of the calendars where you rip off a page each day to reveal a new joke, inspiring quote, or even a Shakespearean insult. But have you tried it the Big Talk way? Every morning, look at the top card of the deck and take a minute to ask yourself that question. It can be an excellent way to pause for a personal, reflective moment. Asking yourself daily Big Talk questions can help you focus on your goals and wellbeing for the rest of the day.

2. With Romantic InterestsA Deeper More Memorable Date Night

Do you dread having to come up with small talk while you’re on a date? It can make you feel more nervous and is ultimately not very helpful for establishing anything more than a surface-level connection. Bringing Big Talk into play gives you and your date the opportunity for an exciting, intimate activity that will allow you and your partner to create a deeper, more meaningful connection.

3. With Coworkers or Community PeersUse as an Ice Breaker

When you’re organizing your next event—whether it’s for a school club, community gathering, or work function—bust out Big Talk as the ice breaker. We recommend creating smaller groups of around 3-6 people (depending on the size of the event), to give everyone the opportunity to answer some Big Talk questions. The meaningful conversations that follow can lead to stronger interpersonal connections and a more comfortable atmosphere.

4. With Students and TeachersYour New Favorite Classroom Activity

Take Big Talk to school with you! Ask your favorite teacher if your class can start off the day by answering Big Talk questions. Not only can these discussions create better connections between classmates, but they are also a fantastic way to jump-start everyone’s critical thinking skills, leading to more attentiveness and eagerness to participate in class activities.

5. With Family and FriendsSwitch up Game Night

If you and your friends/family have a recurring game night, try introducing Big Talk the next time everyone meets up. Although encouraging deep discussions might not be what the group is used to from game night, it can be a worthwhile opportunity. You may learn things about your friends and family that you wouldn’t have known without asking Big Talk questions. Once everyone has had this chance to open up with their loved ones, then the night can get back to your crew’s usual game of Monopoly, Cards Against Humanity, or DnD with everyone feeling just a little more connected than when they arrived.

6. With Strangers and New AcquaintancesMake More Meaningful Connections Right Away

Whether you’re befriending someone at the bus stop, at your hostel or bed and breakfast, or at dinner with 10 strangers, bring out Big Talk. Chances are, you might learn more about someone in five minutes, than after knowing them for months or even years!


*One way to help facilitate Big Talk is through the Big Talk Question Card Game.

Stay tuned for our new Big Talk Question app and Big Talk for Work Program – Coming soon!

Learn how to skip small talk at your workplace.
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