November 30, 2018

Edovo Users Make Big Talk

Hi, all! This is a partnership I’m REALLY excited for Big Talk to have a hand in –

Edovo is a jail education solutions platform that works to “expand #education behind bars, reduce #recidivism and improve opportunities for people affected by #incarceration.”

Together, we made a Big Talk course for students. Here is a segment about the outcome from Edovo’s blog post –

“Some students told stories about fear and difficulties of adjusting to prison – Others reflected on love, healing, and their hopes and dreams for the next generation. Many students explained how looking back helps them move forward, noting they would like to try Big Talk with other people.

Everybody has a story, and telling that story can be therapeutic. A prison or jail environment isn’t always the most inviting space for a person’s deepest thoughts. With Big Talk, our users have both a private space for self-reflection and the tools they need to reflect with others, build relationships and foster empathy.

We look forward to following users’ progress with the series on our platform. In a recent survey, students were eager to get even more Big Talk materials. “Can you upload a second course this week?” one message read. “I’d like to finish it before I go home.”

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