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Make your own BIG TALK Video Examples


Chelsea Smith, a high school student made a video where she asked people at her high school "Big Talk" style questions. You can watch her video below. Thanks for sharing Chelsea! :)


Elijahh Rule made his own BIG TALK inspired YouTube video.


Optic Maniac, a professional Youtuber/Gamer made a video where he asked friends "Big Talk" style questions. You can watch his video below. Thanks for doing this Nick! 


Make your own BIG TALK Question Examples

My friend Phil hosted a dinner with his friends in Bangkok, Thailand. They wrote their own Big Talk questions down to ask one another. I received a letter in the mail from them with one of the cards. It said, "1 deep and meaningful answer from a question can instantly bring you closer to someone else because it's a shared experience!" Thanks for sharing Phil!


Host your own BIG TALK Dinner/Event Examples

"We hosted a potluck dinner where most of the guests were strangers who didn't know each other. We played the BIG TALK card game and by the end of the night everyone felt like old friends."


Use BIG TALK for Personal Reflection Example

 I have also begun receiving messages about how people have used BIG TALK questions to connect with themselves on a deeper level too. You can use these BIG TALK questions as personal journal prompts, or self reflection topics. 


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