Your Purchase of "BIG TALK Question Card Game" This Weekend Donates to Veterans with PTSD

Hi all! I lowered the BIG TALK question card game cost to $19.99 on Amazon for Memorial Day. Please consider purchasing a set this weekend. You can navigate by going to

  photo credit:  Spencer Njoya

photo credit: Spencer Njoya

Mental Health & Military are two issues I care a lot about. I will donate all proceeds from this weekend to the Soldiers Project, an organization that helps Veterans suffering from PTSD. Thank you for your contribution! :) 

P.S. I am still working on getting cards eligible for Amazon export overseas, but in the mean time you can order them from PrinterStudio at (it just might take a little longer to arrive).

Thank you so much for your feedback and support. Please message me with any questions. Have a great weekend!! - Kalina.