USC Annenberg Innovation Lab x BIG TALK on the Future of Innovation

Since starting BIG TALK, a couple big questions have been on my mind.

What is the true value of innovation and entrepreneurship? And how do we remember to make time to be human in this fast paced technology driven age?

I interviewed the staff at the USC Annenberg Innovation Lab to hear their answers. WATCH the video below!




Excited to share this new video introducing our team and sharing our thoughts on the future of innovation. Enjoy!

Posted by USC Annenberg Innovation Lab on Tuesday, October 20, 2015


By making Big Talk with the staff at the AIL, I relearned the importance of taking time to understand the "why" behind any vision.

When we are building the next "big" tools for the future, we cannot forget who we are building them for.

I will remember this moving forward as I continue to fulfill my vision for Big Talk: inspiring and enabling individuals to make deep and meaningful connections with others.